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Can You Repair a Broken Denture Tooth at Home? 

If you break your denture tooth, it is best to let a dental technician handle it. However, it is possible to attempt the repair yourself if you cannot make an appointment immediately. Read ahead to learn more about DIY denture repair kits, how to use them, and when to avoid them. 

What Can Cause a Denture Tooth to Break? 

Dentures can last years without breaking, but even the best ones eventually show signs of wear and tear. Your dentures are made from acrylic, and every time your chew, it experiences tiny bends. Over time, they weaken your dentures, making them more likely to crack or break. 

Some factors can also exacerbate wear and tear, like alternating between cold and hot beverages. Eating acidic foods often can also make it worse. Finally, the moisture in your mouth also contributes to the wear and tear of your dentures

Ill-fitted dentures are another reason why your dentures might break. The bite force becomes unevenly distributed on the dentures when they are loose. It creates pressure points and can cause your denture to fracture. 

Lastly, some individuals have a stronger bite than most. Those people are likelier to break their dentures or break them earlier than average. 

Repairing Denture with a Denture Repair Kit 

If your dentures break: do not panic. Remove your dentures and gather all the broken pieces. Ideally, you would call your dentist, who could receive you immediately to get it fixed. However, we do not live in a perfect world, and immediate repair is sometimes impossible. 

If this is the case, head to a pharmacy to get an over-the-counter repair kit. These kits buy you time, even if they can only temporarily fix your dentures. They allow you to use your dentures until a specialist repairs them. 

Please follow the instructions that come with the repair kit, but, in general, the repair process goes as follows: 

  • Clean and dry your dentures. Make sure you have all the missing pieces before starting the repair. 
  • Mix the powder with the liquid coming in the repair kit. Use the spatula they provide you to combine until smooth and homogeneous. 
  • Put a little bit of the glue mix on the edge of each broken piece.
  • Assemble the broken pieces right away. Make sure they are aligned perfectly before gluing them.
  • Hold the pieces together for five minutes. 
  • Take off any excess material you can see between the pieces. 

DIY repairs can be helpful, but there are things you should avoid doing. First, never use any household glue. Some are toxic, and you should never put them in your mouth. Also, wait until the repair material is hard before putting the dentures in your mouth. Finally, do not attempt the repair if you are missing pieces or cannot align them properly. 

The Risks of DIY Denture Repair  

Fixing the denture by yourself could result in needing new dentures. A broken denture tooth is usually an easy fix for dentists. However, if you make a mistake using the DIY repair kit, the specialist might not be able to fix the tooth.

Furthermore, the ingredients used in the repair kit can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. Those with a methacrylate allergy should avoid them altogether. 

The liquid used to glue the missing pieces together is flammable. Make sure to keep it away from flames or sparks to avoid injuries. Finally, the repair material can hurt the skin. Rinse with water if you drop some on you. 

Getting your Dentures Repaired by a Dentist 

Fortunately, not all broken dentures have to be replaced. Most times, your dentist will be able to repair them, saving you money. 

The broken area of the denture is most likely an area where the bite force is strong. It is probably what caused the break in the first place. Dentists can repair the acrylic tooth and reinforce it with a metal mesh. It decreases the likelihood of it breaking again. 

Dentists can repair most broken teeth within a day. However, you might have to leave your dentures with them for a day, which can be inconvenient. 

Wear and tear are the most common reason for denture breaks. Since you have to use your dentures daily, some wear and tear are inevitable. However, you can delay it by following a proper oral hygiene routine. Make sure to brush your dentures and soak them every night. 

You should also have regular checkups with your dentist. They will be able to identify any issues with your dentures. They can address them and prevent fractures from happening in the first place. 

How to Get Your Dentures Replaced 

Sometimes, repairs are impossible, and you need to replace your dentures. Dentists usually recommend getting new ones every four to six years. 

Signs you need new dentures include the poor fit, inability to chew correctly, difficulty speaking, and discomfort. If this is your case, make an appointment with your dentist. They can check your dentures and advise you on the best action. 

If you choose the replace them, the specialist will take a new imprint of your gums. This way, they can design more comfortable dentures with a better fit. 

Can you repair a cracked denture plate at home? 

A DIY repair denture kit can help fix a broken tooth. However, using them for a broken plate is usually not recommended. Repairing the base is more complex and should only be done by a professional. Attempting to do it on your own will likely require new dentures. 

The Take-Home Message 

A broken denture tooth can be stressful. Denture repair kits can help you fix the damage until you see a specialist. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and avoid using any household glue. Do not attempt the repair if you are missing pieces or cannot align them properly.


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