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About Us

SupreDent is a research-based blog on cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry.

We believe in presenting fresh data to our readers to help them understand what cosmetic dentistry means and what they should consider before undergoing a dental treatment procedure.

We take great pride in our standards. We believe it is our moral responsibility to publish objective content. SupreDent is an independent voice and shall remain independent.

We try our best to make our content easy to understand and engaging. To do that, we break our topics into digestible chunks and explain them in plain language.

Quality Guidelines

  1. We make sure that the purpose of this website is clear. We have created the About Us page to state our policies and guidelines, so our readers can understand us better.
  2. We make sure that our content is clear, accessible, and relevant to our readers. It is our policy to keep this site uncluttered and easily navigable. We keep all our content within two clicks of depth.
  3. We make sure that our content is reliable and current. We engage subject-matter experts to write our content and make every effort to make them up to date.
  4. We have a clear linking policy. We only link to high-quality websites. These sites must differentiate between non-advertising and sponsored content. Linking to a website does not mean we endorse its products and services.

Where We Get Our Information From

Integrity matters to us.

We regularly read the latest research work on clinical and popular dentistry, including the following:

  • Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Journal of Operative and Esthetic Dentistry
  • International Journal of Prosthodontics & Restorative Dentistry
  • International Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • International Journal of Implant Dentistry
  • Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry
  • Dentistry Journal
  • International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants
  • International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • International Journal of Prosthodontics

And many more.

We also consult the following online health and dentistry-related powerhouses before writing a blog:

  • Healthline
  • Colgate
  • Medical News Today
  • WebMD
  • American Diabetes Association
  • NHS
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Mayo Clinic
  • National Institutes of Health
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Harvard Health Online
  • MedicineNet

Please note that our content is for educational and entertainment purposes only. You should consult your dentist before deciding about your oral health or purchasing any product we recommend.

Always read the product manufacturer’s recommendations in detail.

Also, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Have a business idea for us?

We would like to work with a few hand-picked advertisers in the healthcare industry. if you have a business idea for us, we would like to hear it. Reach us by sending an email.


Do not hesitate to contact us if any link on our website is not working. Please mention the page’s exact URL so we can quickly take care of the matter. If you notice any inaccurate information on our pages, please get in touch with us right away. You can reach us by sending an email to [email protected]. We will review the matter and make necessary corrections promptly.

Sources and Attribution

We link third-party sources throughout the body of each article and in the reference section at the end.

We try our best to ensure that all facts are supported by credible, trustworthy, and evidence-based sources. That is why we only link to high-quality and peer-reviewed studies.

All content on SupreDent is protected by copyright. As such, when referring to any content from SupreDent on any medium — digital or print — you must cite us.

On digital, you must also include a link to the relevant content.

Selected Resources

Did You Know?

“Dentists no longer need to rely on unsightly metals to replace tooth structure lost to decay, but use high density, state-of-the-art plastic.” – Your Smile Becomes You, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

“Some of the latest implants can be placed and restored in one surgery to achieve a long-lasting outcome.” – Smile, Oral Health Matters, British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

“Today, approximately 15 smile design software are available for dental professionals.” – “Communication tools and patient satisfaction: A scoping review,” Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry.

Top 5 FAQs

1. What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction, and Should You Have One?

Full mouth reconstruction involves a combination of dental treatments or therapies to restore your damaged teeth or replace your missing teeth. Read the full answer

2. Mandibular Tori Infection: What To Do?

Don’t irritate the infection. That will only spread the bacteria around. Rinse your mouth with salt water or saline solution. Mix half a tablespoon of table salt with half a cup of warm tap water to make your own saline solution. Read the full answer

3. Botched Bad Veneers: How to Avoid Them?

Cosmetic dental restoration solution veneers can be botched for many reasons. Some of those reasons are related to your dentist, some are related to you, and some are related to the materials veneers are made of. Read the full answer

4. What is the longest dental appointment?

A standard dental appointment may last up to 45 minutes. A filling may take an hour or so. In some cases, they are done within 20 minutes. An experienced dentist can complete three to four fillings within an hour. A root canal treatment can be completed in under 60 minutes. Read the full answer

5. What is an Emergency Root Canal?

A root canal can be an emergency medical condition under certain circumstances. Although most people do not consider dental problems a matter of emergency, a root canal is one of those exceptional situations when you should seek emergency medical treatment. Read the full answer