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Before and After Dentures: A Must-Read Feature

In this article, we look at you before and after wearing dentures. We investigate how you looked without a denture and what transformation a pair of dentures or partial dentures brings to you. In simple words, you will know what a pair of dentures can do for you from it.

Dentures have been around for centuries. That they offer practical solutions to some of the most important dental problems did not escape the thought patterns of pre-Christian people. From animal teeth to wooden teeth to real human teeth or resin or porcelain teeth, dentures have come a long way, getting more effective and comfortable to wear with time.

You before your dentures

If you need a denture, your oral or facial condition is something like the following:

  • You have lost all of your teeth. It can result from bad oral hygiene, old age, bad eating habits, drug abuse, or the side-effect of a very powerful medication or illness.
  • You have lost some of your teeth. It can happen to anybody. Tooth decay, accidental hit to the teeth, sports accident, and dead dental nerve tissues are some of the causes.
  • Your smile is not beautiful because of lost teeth. When you open your mouth, your uneven gums get exposed to the world.
  • Your face has lost its shape. Your jawbones need pressure on them to retain shape. Lack of teeth means a lack of pressure, and you have suffered bone loss, which ultimately leads to your face looking like someone else’s face.
  • Lack of teeth is affecting your speaking. You cannot pronounce certain sounds, or what you pronounce has become unclear. Much of speaking clearly involves how you maneuver the air inside your mouth and how you release it from your mouth.
  • You cannot eat foods that you used to relish. Eating a sandwich is an easy job, but it is not easy for someone who has lost most of their teeth on one or both jaws.
  • You feel awkward in your social life because there are gaps between your teeth left behind by missing teeth. You feel weird and less dignified.

You after wearing your dentures

  • You have a full set of dentures in your mouth. They look real, feel real, and you feel younger. You can remove them if you like. They can also be permanent, fixed to your implants.
  • Dentures have replaced your missing teeth. They match your existing teeth in shape and color.
  • You have regained your smile. Nicely crafted white teeth have added charms to your face.
  • The dentures have filled the space on your jaws. You do not look like having your cheeks entering your mouth. The muscles in your face have got a frame to sit on.
  • You can speak clearly again. As long as you have the dentures in your mouth, the air cannot escape without your control.
  • You can enjoy your meals like before. You can eat hard food as well, although with some restrictions.
  • You can mingle with others without hesitation. You are fearless. Nobody is looking at you with curiosity and whispering behind your back about the gap left behind by your missing tooth.

How long does it take to get a pair of dentures?

You can have your dentures within a day, if you still have some teeth left on the arch. The teeth will be carefully removed, the gums will be disinfected, and you will be issued a denture. However, that would be a temporary one. It is also called an immediate denture. Your permanent denture will be given to you when your gums have healed.

Based on your oral condition, you may require more than two visits to your dentist to get your immediate dentures. Two visits are for those who do not have any further complications other than missing teeth. Besides, every dentist may not be able to provide you with your temporary dentures within two appointments. Especially if the dentist is not also a prosthetist or does not work with a prosthetist.

Your may need six to nine weeks before receiving your permanent dentures. In some cases, you need a few months to get your dentures. Your permanent dentures are custom made. They are designed to fit your gums. Every care is taken to make sure that your permanent dentures sit on your gums comfortably.

How long does it take to update a pair of dentures?

It is possible to update your worn-out dentures. The time required for such renewal is negligible. Within two visits your dentist can give you your renewed dentures.

Advanced technology can assist the prosthetist to update your old dentures to fit your mouth. Check with your dentist if they provide the service you required.

Overdentures: What are they?

Sometimes it is good to remove any existing teeth, especially if you have only a few left. However, if you do not want to remove them, and if their roots are strong, you can request for a denture which will sit on the existing teeth while replacing the missing teeth. Such dentures are called overdentures. They are a popular dental solution, though could be a little bit more expensive as they are always custom made.

Do I need need to have a pair of spare dentures?

There are many reasons why you should own a pair of spare or duplicate dentures. You may lose your dentures. It happens all the time. You may discover unwanted crack or damage to your dentures one morning. How about the change of the shape of your dentures as a result of your washing them accidentally under hot water? Can they break falling on hard surface from the table top? Many people accidentally throw away their dentures with garbage.

Having a duplicate pair of dentures makes sense. You already know that it will fit you. While you look for the lost ones, you can wear your duplicate pair and don’t lose your mind over it. Otherwise, you may have to wait for a few weeks to a few months to receive your next pair of permanent dentures.