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Best Denture Material

The best denture material is porcelain. It is the best material for several reasons. Its strength, durability, and translucence, to name a few, make it stand out from acrylic resin.

But even though it is the best, it is not the most popular material for dentures. Most people prefer acrylic dentures because it is light and easily adjustable. It is cheaper too compared to porcelain dentures.

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Porcelain dentures are durable

Many dental patients prefer porcelain to acrylic resin as the denture material of their choice because it does not wear and tear easily. Porcelain dentures can withstand heavy stress associated with the mouth. Your teeth need to handle the friction you create while chewing food.

Porcelain dentures are easy to maintain

Porcelain has high resistance to liquid penetration, which makes it ideal for the oral environment. You can use porcelain dentures for a long time, knowing they would remain in the same good condition in the presence of saliva.

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Porcelain dentures are non-porous

Non-porous means the surface is smooth and sealed. Porcelain dentures have the smooth feel of the surface of your tooth enamel. They remain the same, smooth, throughout their lifetime unless there is an unusual circumstance.

Because of their non-porous behavior, they are good for patients that suffer from acid reflux. They can fight most acids found in food, thus protecting your dentures from gradual erosion.

They can even withstand hydrochloric acid, which is part of any throw-up content.

Porcelain dentures are translucent

You do not want your dentures to look fake. That is why you want porcelain dentures. The translucence of porcelain makes your dentures look like a part of your mouth. They blend with your existing teeth – if you are wearing a partial denture. They look completely natural when you wear full mouth dentures.

Porcelain can be layered for perfection

Porcelain can be layered to create the ideal dentures for you, writes Joseph Massad in his book Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry. Layered porcelain can mimic the crystalline or toothlike texture of your existing teeth.

Why you may not choose porcelain dentures

Even though porcelain dentures are durable, easy to maintain, and offer an aesthetic solution to your missing teeth, they have some drawbacks too. For example:

  • Because they are very strong, porcelain dentures can harm your opposite teeth.
  • They can also harm the neighboring teeth.
  • If your bite is not balanced, you should not choose porcelain dentures. They will hurt your existing teeth.
  • If you eat brittle food, you may crack your porcelain dentures.
  • What is the experience level of your dentist? If they do not use proper methods to measure and record bite imbalance, it is safer to choose acrylic dentures instead of porcelain dentures.
  • The denture base or plate is not made of porcelain. It is made of nylon polymer, acrylic resin, or cobalt material. Porcelain’s bonding with is not the greatest.
  • Porcelain dentures are relatively costly. If you are on a budget, you may get better value in acrylic dentures.

Why you may choose acrylic dentures over porcelain dentures

  • Acrylic dentures may not last as long as porcelain dentures, but they do not crack easily. They can withstand brittle food.
  • They will not harm the neighboring teeth or opposite teeth.
  • Are you experiencing bone loss? Acrylic makes sense for you. Porcelain asserts more pressure on your jaw bones and should be avoided.
  • Since the base of the dentures is made of acrylic, acrylic teeth bond with it strongly. The result is a strong architecture for your mouth.
  • Acrylic dentures will stain eventually, but it will take time. It may already be time to update your dentures. You can prevent staining them by following the instructions of your dentist.

10 brands that manufacture acrylic dentures

  1. Dental Art Plus
  2. Biolux
  3. Biotone IPN
  4. Magister
  5. Mondial 6
  6. Premium 6
  7. SR Vivodent PE
  8. Trilux
  9. Trubyte Biotone
  10. Vipi Dent Plus

Ask your dentist to explain to you what your options are. Choosing the right dentures for your mouth is your right. But you have to understand your options before making the right choice.


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