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How to Clean a Flipper Tooth

Getting an optimal result from your flipper tooth requires careful attention. Follow the guidelines below to clean your flipper tooth, your temporary tooth replacement device, to keep your mouth healthy.

  • Use warm water
  • Brush twice daily
  • Do not scrub flippers too hard
  • Do not use an abrasive toothpaste
  • Use denture-soaking solution
  • Keep the flipper wet when not in use

Why use warm water to clean your dental flipper?

Hot water, let alone boiling water, may warp your dentures, making them unfit for your mouth. A warped denture will lose its structural integrity and cause irreparable damage to your gum.

Damaged gum may start receding, creating pockets for bacteria to grow. You may even need gum grafting and a root canal because you washed your removable dentures with hot water one day.

What should be the brushing schedule for a flipper tooth?

Brush your dental flipper twice daily, as you would brush your teeth. To brush them properly, use one of the following:

The best is to brush them after every meal. That will ensure no food particles or grease stay on them to help bacteria grow.

Why you shouldn’t use regular toothpaste to clean your flipper tooth?

Regular toothpaste may contain chemicals that may be damaging to your dental flipper. Any abrasive cleaning material, such as baking soda, or dishwashing gel, can also impact your removable denture.

Harsh material can scratch the flippers. That will result in your flippers not looking natural. Flippers are, after all, plastic teeth.

However, you may use denture toothpaste or non-abrasive liquid soap to clean them. Make sure you know the liquid soap well and know it will not harm your flippers.

What kind of solution should you use to soak your flipper tooth?

Soak your dental flipper in warm water or denture cleaning solution. Ask your dentist what kind of solution is best for your denture.

A cleaning solution will keep your flipper tooth fresh and functional. Make sure you rinse the flipper under running water before inserting them into your mouth in the morning. Denture cleaning solutions use chemicals you do not want to enter your mouth.

Denture cleaning solutions can be bought from your local grocery store or drugstore. Know how long you should soak your flippers in the soaking solution. Soaking them longer than necessary may harm them.

If you do not have a cleaning solution, use distilled or tap water.

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Why keep dental flippers wet when not in use?

Your flipper tooth should be out of your mouth at least 8 hours daily. Your dentist will advise you about that. Continuous use of flipper teeth may harm your gums, causing them to shrink with time.

When your flipper tooth is not used, it is crucial to keep them wet. Dry flippers may:

  • Lose their shape
  • Fail to fit your mouth properly
  • Crack or fracture
  • Make you feel uncomfortable
  • Cause your gums to bleed.


How long can you wear a dental flipper at a stretch?

Do not wear your dental flipper for more than 16 hours a day. Your gums need at least 8 hours to breathe. Remove the flippers from your mouth before going to sleep. Brush them and put them in water or a denture-soaking solution to be used again. Continuous use of dentures may cause harm to your gums, such as fungal infection, bleeding, and gum recession.

Can I repair my broken flipper with glue?

Do not use any glue on your flipper. If your flippers do not fit your mouth, do not force them. If they are fractured or cracked, take them to your dentist. Your dentist will examine your mouth for any harm done and order new flippers. Repairing a flipper requires professional knowledge, and it is best to be left to professionals.

What can I use to clean a flipper?

Use warm water to clean your flipper. Use a soft-bristled brush to brush them. Denture toothpaste is in the market; you can use it to brush your flippers. Besides, you can use liquid soap if you don’t have denture toothpaste nearby. The best is to clean them by using a denture-cleaning solution. Rinse your denture flipper under running water before inserting them into your mouth.

How often should you clean your flipper tooth?

Cleaning your flipper tooth at least twice a day makes a good habit. They are your teeth, although false. Cleaning them after every meal is even better. Avoid consuming pigmented food or drinks, but if you must, clean your flipper tooth right away so that they do not get stained.


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