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How To Find A Great Dentist For Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has benefited people, but it can adversely affect you if you’re not picking the right dentist. Finding a great dentist for cosmetic dentistry can be a headache, but before looking for one, you must learn what you are getting into.

Find Out What Kind of Cosmetic Dentistry Service You Require

Dentists are trained to diagnose and treat gum, teeth, tongue, and mouth conditions.

Don’t solely depend on the dentist to give you the needed information. When a dentist feels you know what you are about to do, respect and the best services will be accorded to you.

Here is a summary of what cosmetic work you would want your dentist to do.


If your concern is about the alignment of your teeth, then the Invisalign procedure is sure to do. This procedure makes it possible to straighten your teeth with style and utmost comfort.

In the treatment process, you will receive a set of aligners, and you are to wear one for two weeks until you finish the aligners. Over time, using the aligners, your teeth will gradually shift to the right position.

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Dental implant

Dental implants are used to replace teeth lost or damaged. This procedure only involves the replacement of the lost or damaged tooth with titanium screwed into the jaw. In the end, these implants are not distinguishable from your other teeth.

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Dental veneers

Veneers can be used to solve various cosmetic dental problems, including:

  • Damaged enamel
  • Unequal gaps
  • Chipped teeth

and so on.

For this procedure, the dentist bonds tooth-like porcelain to the front of the teeth after removing about a half-millimeter of enamel which changes the teeth’ color, shape, length, and size.

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Dental bonding

This procedure can help repair cracked, misshaped, and decayed teeth. This is achieved by bonding a resin to the tooth and then hardening it with ultraviolet light, which is then trimmed, shaped, and polished by the dentist.

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Dental inlays and Onlays

Also called indirect fillings, it is done to fill decayed teeth. It is called an “inlay” when the filling is bonded within the center of a tooth. It is called “onlay” when the fillings include more points of the tooth.

Teeth whitening

This procedure helps whiten the teeth that have been discolored due to foods and drinks or lifestyle. This can be done in the dental office with the help of some tools or at home by getting products like toothpaste gel.

Now that you know what work you want, let us discuss what you must do to find the best dental professional near you to do that job for you.

How To Find A Great Dentist For Cosmetic Dentistry

1. Do Some Background Research

To put that smile on you, it is necessary to do some background research on the dentist because your desired result solely depends on their expertise.

You can get online to check for reviews about the dentist; what have people got to say.

I advise you to contact a patient in person who has gotten his/her teeth done by the dentist for reviews to avoid getting reviews from people paid to give good impressions about the dentist.

Furthermore, you can check out their main focus in education by going through their membership affiliations, viewing their post-graduate credentials, and their years of experience in that field.

2. Look for Photos and Videos of their Work

Proof of one’s work is very vital as it communicates one’s level of expertise.

In the case of cosmetic dentistry, you can ask for and check out before and after images of the work performed by your intended dentist.

The dentist should be able to provide you with evidence of their competency.

Better still, the dentist should be recommended to you by family/friends whose smile serves as proof of competency.

Photos and videos should not contain stock photos but a true picture of their previous works.

3. Know their Team

A team is a super-valuable part of a system that makes work interesting, fast, and fun. Besides the dentist, checking up on a team connected with the dentist is a great decision. You wouldn’t like to be in an operating room where the vibe and energy are dull, with enthusiasm and passion lost.

Each member of the team relays the image of their practice with the way they communicate and deliver a quality experience for the patient.

4. See What Kind of Technology They Use

With technology, dentists can make dental surgeries faster and less painful.

Recent technology, which includes; scanners, 3D printers, bite motion trackers, and so on, greatly impacts how the dentist ensures you get your desired result.

You have to look at the technological equipment made available in the dental office and ask questions about the technology used for the target procedure.

5. Trust the Vibe

You’ve got to trust the vibe.

Who would like to get a job done by people with no vibe and enthusiasm?

Though you’ve spent little time with the dentist and their team, you must judge their level of honesty and interaction. You need to follow your inner conviction about the dentist, their team, technology, studio surroundings, and the reviews they got.

When you are happy about the dentist’s environment, you will feel confident about getting your desired result.

If your gut feeling is telling you a “no,” then you should move on, but if a “yes,” then book an appointment.


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