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How many appointments does it take to get dentures?

Getting your dentures ready and fitted to your mouth requires two to six months. It depends on several variables. The kind of dentures you want and your oral condition are two main variables. If you are looking for immediate dentures, you will have them fitted to your mouth the same day. These variables and others determine how many appointments you will need to get your dentures.

Let us now look at the variables individually and in detail.

Appointments to get your full dentures

You may need as many as four appointments to get your dentures done. Your dentist will do the following during the first appointment.

  • Examine your mouth to determine what kind of denture you need.
  • Examine your bone structure.
  • Take an impression of your gums (understanding that you have no teeth left).
  • Determine the shape and size, and tone of your final dentures

Examining your oral health is crucial as it will help your dentist to see if you require any dental surgery before you take dentures.

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During the second appointment, your dentist will examine whether your bites are good. To do that, they will use wax rims and a denture base. They will determine your tooth size so that your dentures fit well with your facial features.

During the third visit, you will try test dentures. The test dentures will be made according to the measurements taken during the second appointment. There is still time to make minor adjustments if the training dentures need some. Any adjustments will be documented and passed on to the denture manufacturing lab so that your permanent dentures reflect them.

During the fourth appointment, you receive your brand new, custom-made pair of dentures. Your dentist will explain how to clean your dentures and if your particular kind requires special care. Any adjustment that can be done at this stage is minor and on the plastic.

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How long does it take for your gum to heal after tooth extraction?

Based on your age, oral health, and your body’s capacity to heal, you may have to wait six to eight weeks before your mouth is ready for your new set of dentures. This period can be longer if you have other physical illnesses or unfriendly habits. You can cut this period short by following your dentist’s post-extraction instructions. A simple change in eating habits can significantly influence your healing process.

A follow-up appointment

You will return to your dentist for a follow-up appointment after a day or two. During that appointment, your dentist will want to know how comfortable you were with your new dentures and if they need further adjustment. The denture manufacturing labs are generally good at following the instructions they receive from the dentist. Still, the chance of any human or mechanical error cannot be removed entirely.

Your dentist can make very slight adjustments to your dentures during this appointment.

Appointments to get your temporary dentures

Temporary dentures or immediate dentures are not the best solutions for you. Your best dentures are your permanent dentures.

However, temporary dentures help. They are very affordable and let you live normally while waiting for your permanent dentures. While they may not be the best fit for you, you will soon get used to them.

They are also easy to use. They may last as many as eight months.

You need at least three appointments for your temporary dentures. The process is the same with permanent dentures. Your dentist will still have to take the impression of your mouth, and a dental lab still has to make those dentures for you. Finally, your dentist may still have to make adjustments to them.

If you know your mouth is good, you may see a dental lab technician directly to get your temporary dentures. The technician will take the impression of your mouth and make your temporary dentures following that impression.

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How long does it take to get your immediate dentures?

You can get your immediate dentures right after extraction. However, you have to begin the process before extraction so that they can be custom-made for you. Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth using alginate or digital wands. Those impressions will then be sent to a dental lab to make your immediate dentures. You can wear your immediate dentures as soon as you get them; waiting for your gums to heal is no longer necessary. The gums will heal underneath the dentures.

How long does it take to take an impression of your mouth for dentures?

You need at least two impressions of your mouth to make your custom-made dentures. According to Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, you need an impression on a stock impression tray and another impression on a custom impression tray.

The first impression is to identify the anatomical landmarks of your mouth, while the second impression is to capture the muscles of your mouth. The second impression requires you to stop wearing your old denture for at least twenty-four hours before seeing your dentist.

The second impression is taken about a week after taking the first impression.

A dental impression takes only a few minutes to complete from beginning to end. Your dentist uses a sticky and elastic material called alginate to take the impression. Once alginate is in your mouth, it hardens quickly. The dentist takes it out of your mouth and within half an hour after that, it is ready to contain your denture-manufacturing material.

Digital impressions are taken with a handheld wand with a camera installed on it. The practice of taking dental impressions digitally is on the rise. The process creates virtual 3D models of your mouth anatomy, which are then sent to the dental lab to making your permanent dentures.

Digital impressions are less time consuming compared to traditional practice of using alginate.

Does everyone require four appointments to get their dentures?

Four appointments are a minimum for getting your permanent dentures. You may need more appointments if you have oral complications or if you see a dentist who takes the preliminary impression on the first appointment, the final impression on the second appointment, and records the measurements of your teeth (or gums) and bites on a separate appointment. In many cases, this is standard practice.

How long does it take to get dentures fitted?

You need an appointment to get your permanent dentures from your dental lab professional or dentist. Your dentist can make minor adjustment to the plastic if required. In most cases, that is what you need, not more. Your dentist will insert it in your mouth to see if it fits you perfectly. Then you go home.

During the fit-in process, your dentist will examine your mouth to see if the denture is not pushing your gums at any spots. To do that, they use a try-in paste. When all goes well, your dentures receive a final polish.

But you need a follow-up appointment with your dental professional after a day or two or three. The purpose of this appointment is to make sure your denture has not hurt your mouth during that time. Your dentist may make further adjustments to your dentures during this appointment.

You may need two or three follow-up appointments to make your dentures perfect for your mouth.

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